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El Chapo Sold


Stal Wilten is happy to announce the sale of our Equitation Prospect El Chapo! We have no doubt that he will excel in the Equitation and Derby Rings. We wish the new owners and riders the best of luck!…

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Britt and Mel Working out


Only the cutest thing you’ve seen today, two of our incredible riders putting the boys to work! On the left we have Mel riding Al Capone, on the right we is Britt and El Chapo!…

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Hashtag Sold


We are beyond thrilled to announce that Hashtag has sold! This beautiful 5 year old gelding has been with us for a few short weeks but they have been super special! Hashtag presents all of the class and technique to be at the top...

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El Chapo and Mel


We can’t get over how cute these two are! Mel putting his skills to work on El Chapo and make him equitation ready!…

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# Hashtag


We think we successfully managed to find McDreamy’s baby brother, and his name is Hashtag! We are very excited about this horse and believe he has a very bright future ahead of him!…