Buy a horse at Stal Wilten

Buy a horse at Stal Wilten. Stal Wilten is located in The Netherlands. In a beautiful countryside of the Netherlands you will find the best horses for sale in Holland. Stal Wilten is internationally known for their high quality horses. They specializes in the producten and development of real champions. If you are looking to buy a horse, you have to visit Stal Wilten. They will make your visit as comfortable as possible, so you can pay all your attention to the horses.

Buy one of our different types of horses

At Stal Wilten it is possible to buy different types of horses. Firstly there are jumper horses for sale. These jumper horses are proven champions. Secondly, there are also hunter horses for sale. These are the best hunter horses you will find in Holland. And lastly there are equitation horses for sale. The selection and sales of these equitation horses are unique.

Are you interested in our horses for sale? Please contact us and we will give you all the information you need. We are looking forward hearing from you and perhaps you are the next one who buys one of our champions.